Increasing desire for gorgeous bathrooms


An increasing number of home-owners are showing greater desire to renovate their home bathrooms in the style of “gorgeous” hotel-style bathrooms.

Many of life’s little luxuries are found in hotel bathrooms and a number of people wish to add a touch of class to their own bathroom when undertaking extensive renovations to their bathrooms.

Lavinia Dargie, of Dargie Lewis Designs, has pinpointed some of the most extravagant trends in bathroom interior design this year.

“Underfloor heating and lots of mirrors with useful storage behind any cupboards. If possible, two basins in the main bathroom [or] a large walk-in shower or wet room area with rain shower,” she said.

“If the room is large enough, a comfortable chair is a luxury too. Also, a built-in flat screen TV at the end of the bath. I think people now want gorgeous hotel bathrooms.”

Underfloor heating is just one luxurious way to make your bathroom warm and cosy. Heated towel rails are an extravagant way to indulge, providing your bathroom with extra heat and preparing you a welcoming warm towel following your bath or shower. Heated towel rails added a genuine touch of sophistication to any home bathroom.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are also a great way of creating a stylish feature of your bathroom. Back-illuminated mirrors are great for so many chores, from enjoying a close shave to applying makeup. Even if you are looking to simply freshen up your existing bathroom an illuminated mirror can provide subtle lighting when a full bathroom light is simply too harsh.

Simple chrome bathroom accessories can also provide a stunning look for any bathroom, transforming it into a luxury hotel-style bathing area. From striking bathroom shelves to luxury tumbler holders, our chrome bathroom accessories at Bathroom Heaven are guaranteed to add a contemporary edge to your bathroom.

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