How to choose and buy a beautiful and exquisite bathroom cabinet


As people have paid more attention to  the bathroom, all kinds of beautiful  bathroom cabinet drawing consumers' eyes. It arranged storage between the bathroom  in order, and more colors and styles make it become the visual window in bath room.

The surface sheets of bathroom cabinets can be split into the  natural stone, artificial stone, fire panels, paint, glass, metal and wood; the substrate is the main body of bathroom cabinets, it is covered by surface materials. At present, bathroom cabinet of the main base material is waterproof MDF in the market , which is selected the raw timber crushed into powder, with a special processing technology from a" rigid" sheet. Its waterproof performance is better than ordinary fiber board, is the preferred choice for high-grade bathroom cabinets.

1, To ordinary families, the best choice of  bathroom cabinets is wall-style, cabinets with wheels or legs higher, which would effectively isolate the ground moisture.

2, Must understand whether all metal pieces of stainless steel or after curing treatment bathroom cabinet special aluminum products or not, which can ensure the moisture - resistant ability.

3, It is necessary to check the bathroom cabinet hinge opening. Opening angle to 180 degrees, it may be more convenient to fetch and put articles.

4, In the selection of bathroom cabinet style, to ensure the overhauling of water pipe and the valve opening, no leaving to future maintenance and overhaul.

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