The introduction of shower head


   Nozzle size of water shower head , installation and use method and with the specifications of the traditional shower nozzle are almost identical, not even so, in the bath effect under the same circumstances, water-saving rate is as high as 70%!It  can improve the comfortable degree at the same time.Shower nozzle with 1,2,3,4, four types of valve core for optional.
   First, principle: application of Venturi's principle, transforming the pressure of water energy into kinetic energy and inhalation of air, making water and air are sufficiently mixed, extruded after ejected with high speed, reduce the consumption of water and keep the spraying range and spray intensity, high efficient water saving and increasing water comfort.
Second, functions: The actual flow is small and large spraying area is large, high efficiency water saving;the content of oxygen in water is high, which can avoid the old people and children opening infirm in shower occurred during hypoxia;oxygen-rich blisters on the skin to skin breakdown with massage function;oxygen-rich water for skin caring.
Third, apply to pressure:0.05~ 1.6MPa ( recommended the use of pressure:0.1 ~ 0.5MPa)
Third, material: high quality brass + multilayer composite plating (both inside and outside the sealing rubber rings are the new non-toxic anti aging rubber, filter for the304 stainless steel )
Last,specifications: five,φ 54mm ( Lama mouth diameter )

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