The evaluation of water rubik's cube shower panel from Keller


Shower panel is a block water device that used to prevent shower gush to drench water splashed or flow to the shower area. Applicable to family, hotels and other toilet water temperature is not more than 80 ℃ . The flower wine is  can not sastify with  people in the shower to enjoy, now most families choose  shower panel installation in the shower, adding more  different enjoy and fun for shower. Keller is  brand of outstanding person, is well known as the "bird's nest" of the Beijing Olympics in sanitary ware products is provided by the division. Participating in the evaluation is kerlor below the water cube series shower panel, let us see  what different shower enjoy it brings. Like the name "water cube", itcompletely highlighted its "party" idiosyncraticfrom appearance, looks like  "a piece of" shower panelfrom the wall protruding. Outstanding panel for surface grind arenaceous metal texture, and match with other polishing the accessories   have administrative levels feeling. The smooth surface electroplating against photometric high, is like a mirror, keller electroplating process is enjoying the reputation in the industry. Shower panel for the overall silver grey, it looks very atmospheric. Participating in the evaluation of the water cube is the supreme type, with another two paragraphs of the series were comfortable model and luxurious model, different design configuration and the price is different,too.

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