The latest of shower set


Shower is to through the reduce flow, prolong service life, quantitative water supply, etc. To realize water-saving effect, which functional shower house optimal water to the chloride shower for represent, can effectively remove the tap water more than chlorine (bleach), protect hair and skin beauty.
In Shanghai hutch defends exhibition, panasonic wei yu of this Japan all import a type shower been concerned. It revolutionized the shower rooms, bath crock, shower equipment, use of a type shower bath. This type of a type shower used the new development of very fine nozzle, can achieve inside short time and bath crock bubble bath, the warmth of the same effect; And with 12 place nozzle, the area covered more than usually shower, and more saving water.
Panasonic a type shower can let people with comfortable pose enjoy shower. And the bubble bath very nearly the same sense of the temperature, the more it can inhibit heart rate rise, old man can also be easy to enjoy.

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