Why do you need a hand showers


Hand held showers are convenient and feel great! Getting hot water directly on an achy joint is something you can only do with a hand held shower. Many attach easily to your existing shower arm or to a tub spout with a hand shower diverter. Upgrading and updating the bathroom is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself and your family.  If you think about it isn’t it amazing how much time we spend in the bathroom?  Everybody spends hours upon hours each year in the bathroom.  Bathing, getting pretty and well other things we don’t need to mention here.  With how much time we spend in the bathroom it is kind of amazing how few have upgraded their bathrooms.  If you love going on daycations or mini vacations or just going out to the spa to let your worries fade away then you might really want to consider updating your bathroom.  We just recently remodeled our bathroom and it feels amazing.  For only 700 dollars we completely redid the bathroom.  Of course it was a full DIY project.  The best part is I spent a bit extra in the shower and got one of those handheld shower heads.  A nice quality one really is not all that much and boy does it make a difference!  If you want to add some luxury to your everyday shower or even bath and you would like to bring a bit of the spa relaxation time home then you have to try out one of these great handheld shower heads.

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