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If your bathroom is quite spacious, consider yourself to be in the luxury of making the most out of a freestanding bathtub. A luxurious freestanding bath, such as the contemporary double hi back free standing bath will instantly become a stunning focal point in your bathroom. Free standing bathtubs encompass a wide range of styles and designs. Whether you’re more into antique, contemporary or anything in between, at you’re sure to find a freestanding bathtub that will perfectly match your bathroom interior. Since freestanding bathtubs are not built into wall, like most of the other types of tubs, they usually become the aesthetic centre piece of the bathroom. Apart from the freestanding bathtubs, there are lots of other new trends surging across the bathroom industry. For example, there is a very peculiar bathtub type called the modern claw-foot bathtub. This bathtub most perfectly fits into vintage homes. If you happen to have a chic Victorian home, installing a modern-looking bathtub isn’t going to work for you. But if you choose a claw-foot bathtub, such as the Luxury Double Slipper bath 1760, you’ll have a perfect vintage bathtub with the amenities of modern living.

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