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When it comes to heating your bathroom, what are you going to use to do it? Are you going to use a towel rail or a radiator? A towel rail (as the name suggests) can be used to keep your towels warm while you are in the shower and is designed to allow space for towels to be hung over it. Thus, when you get out, you have a nice warm towel to dry off with. The radiator, for a bathroom, can look much like a towel rail, but if you search around there are more and more contemporary designs appearing on the market. Both are very effective at heating your bathroom. The fitting of an "old style" or what is known as hospital radiators can give your bathroom a look of traditional elegance that may be lacking in modern panel radiators. The traditional radiator has a large heating surface area and these are now combined into towel rails, giving the best of both worlds. Of course a simple panel radiator with fitted rail is ideal for a cloakroom situation, however, many people now are opting for the exciting new designs in heated towel rails, which not only look good in their chrome or white finishes, but are designed to provide ample heat for the bathroom as well as keeping towels warm and dry. These modern radiators come in a wide variety of styles, simple ladder, wave or contemporary style, tubular coil amongst many. All work from the existing central heating system as replacements, or these can be electrically operated where no towel rail or radiator exists.


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